Having been using the resources in the sense of sustainability for future, we are also aware of the fact that the resources should be protected in a manner guaranteeing that they will be used by future generations. We give priority to preventing wastes or lowering them to minimal levels in the hierarchy of waste management. We give trainings to our personnel within the framework of Integrated Management Systems and Zero Waste. We organize activities with our personnel and our guests, we clean the beach and plant trees. We leave information notes to our rooms and common areas regarding energy saving, water saving and waste reduction in order to raise environmental consciousness. We keep recycling units at common areas and floors in order to separate the wastes in the source. We collect our wastes in waste chambers and then dispose them through the Municipality in the Region and licensed firm. We collect our contaminated and hazardous wastes in separate collection chambers, we separate and dispose them through licensed firms. We regularly dispose our waste oils and pulps through our contractual firm. We follow legal processes with our environmental engineer and we fulfill our responsibilities. We measure our performance on environmental management, then we target these data and endeavor to improve our performance. ISO 14001 plays a guiding role on Environmental Management System Standard, it measures our environmental performances and helps us improving our image in view of the society, it facilitates compliance with legal regulations and thereby we expedite enterprising cultures being more sensitive towards environmental problems.         
                                                                                                                                                                 GENERAL MANAGER