In order to protect our world from possible dangers, we use our energy efficiently and set targets to reduce our energy consumption.
For this;
  • We follow national and international standards, laws and regulations in order to fulfill both our responsibilities towards nature and our legal obligations, we voluntarily carry out studies to reduce energy use and/or continuously improve our energy consumption performance, and we monitor the results of our studies.
  • We set goals and include energy efficiency in our training programs in order to ensure the participation of our employees.
  • We attach importance to cooperating with all our stakeholders to create common goals and results in energy management.We try to maintain our interaction with our guests, employees, visitors and all business partners in order to reach a level of awareness and consciousness on these issues.
  • We try to find, purchase and use energy efficient suitable products, equipment, equipment and technology alternatives.
  • We aim to document our Energy Management System, to disseminate it to all our departments, to update, review and continuously improve when necessary.
  • We evaluate energy risks or emergencies such as energy constraints, and plan the measures that can be taken.
                                                                                                                                                                 GENERAL MANAGER